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School / CCA

Mainstream & SPED Schools

for Children

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Mainstream & SPED Schools

Storytelling &
Theatre Productions

Mainstream & SPED Schools

School / CCA Programmes
  • Students are taken through a specially crafted curriculum that integrates music, movement and dramatisation.

  • Programme builds towards a final performance for their schoolmates and/or families. 

  •  Available in two or four terms of eight sessions each. 

  • ​Applicable to both mainstream and SPED schools


Workshops for Children
  • Workshops available in 2 available - Acting or Writing

  • Participants learn about characterisation, voice projection, dramatisation and can get first-hand experience staging their own performances.

  • Applicable to : Childcare Centers / Pre-Schools/ Community Centers / General Public

Workshops for Teachers
  • Workshops are intended to provide teachers with basic insight to drama education and theatre 

  • Ideal for teachers preparing for annual concerts or those looking for the tools to engage their students better.

  • Applicable to : Pre-school / Primary School teachers 

Storytelling & Theatre Productions
  • Storytelling : We collaborate with companies and institutions to create fun storytelling sessions that engage and educate the young.

  • Theatre Productions : We produce original theatre productions complete with original musical scores and dance choreographies.