ACT 3 Theatrics Origins

In July 1984, 3 friends (R Chandran, Ruby Lim-Yang and Jasmin S Simon) came together to form Singapore’s first professional theatre company: ACT 3 Theatrics. At a time when professional actors were hard to come by and the idea of a children’s theatre company unimaginable to most, the 3 founders were determined to provide a space for young ones to experience the wonders of drama.

Starting with birthday party performances in living rooms to taking travelling shows out to bookshops, parks, schools and even the beach, ACT 3 Theatrics grew in size and prominence, eventually having their own premise and staging original plays in Singapore’s biggest theatres. Most notable of their works was ‘Makanplace’; Singapore’s first locally produced musical which was staged at the Victoria Concert Hall in 1988. School assembly performances and collaborations with large corporations  allowed adults and children all over Singapore to experience the story-telling magic of ACT 3 Theatrics.

After 40 Years of Theatre Magic,

ACT 3 Theatrics paved the way for children’s drama education and theatre, and has left their mark on both the theatre industry and the hearts of many Singaporeans. 

Many of the country’s top actors and arts practitioners began their own journeys here, with future generations of actors emerging. 

Now into its fourth decade, ACT 3 Theatrics continues putting children first, introducing drama to new generations in evolving ways.

Company Milestones

R. Chandran

Founder - Director

As one of the founders of ACT 3 Theatrics, R Chandran is a revered theatre practitioner in Singapore. A professional writer, actor and director, he has written more than 150 full-length and short plays, animation & TV scripts. He also authored “I Have Touched the Moon”, “The World on Her Knees” and other books for children and teenagers. As an educator, he has created and facilitated numerous programmes for pre-school, special education and primary school children. Chandran is a member of the National Arts Council’s ‘Arts Creation Fund’ panel, and mentors BA graduate students from Lasalle College of the Arts. A working TV and theatre actor till today, he is known for his role on Mediacorp Channel 5’s ‘Meet the MP’, and was recently featured as the main storyteller at the 2016 National Day Parade.

Amy J Cheng

Creative Director

Amy is a prominent actress in Singapore and co-owner of ACT 3 Theatrics. She has a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education (High Distinction) from Murdoch University and has been nominated for both Television and Theatre Awards. As ACT 3 Theatrics’ primary program developer, she has conceptualized and taught many drama programs for mainstream and special needs schools, welfare homes and collaborated with corporations and government agencies. She is also the author and illustrator for two children’s books: ‘Silly Snigger Stripe Riper’ and ‘The World on Her Knees’. A working actress till today, Amy is most known for her role in Singapore’s classic TV series ‘Growing Up’ and the recent 2018 Hollywood Blockbuster Hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

Company Milestones