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An Inclusive Professional Theatre Company 

At ACT 3 Theatrics we equip children with theatrical, literary and critical thinking skills and provide them opportunities to create, display and perform. Using a hands-on learning approach, we facilitate the process for children to explore drama, find their voice as writers and stage their own plays. 


As a company we are dedicated to developing an environment where children's thoughts are respected and their voices heard loud and clear,  thereby inspiring in them a sense of confidence and love for the creative process. Forever evolving in our methods, we use traditional, new age media, pop culture and digital technology to engage and assist in their drama education.


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Agnes Goh 

Parent of Ariel (Participant)

"Dear Chandran and Amy. As parents, we'd like to thank you for conducting workshops as these ("Writing my first storybook"), and your passion in teaching children is just so evident to us. We could tell that she learnt a lot from the workshop as well, as she could now use appropriate terms like protagonist, antagonist, whenever she reads a book these days."

Parent of Kate (Performer)

Adeline Tay

Yin Hong

Workshop Participant

"I enjoyed the session where we were made to walk around and express our emotions. The class was fun and acting together allowed us to work as a team and make good memories together."

"Hi Ms Amy, thank you for your support and guidance on Kate in this production. It's been a wonderful journey for her and she has definitely became more confident. I wouldn't have thought she could act, sing and dance on stage until this performance came along."


Upcoming Events

"The Princess and the Lotus" : Storytelling at the National Gallery

The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. In the same way, Singapore painter Georgette Chen overcame many early obstacles and challenges to crate works of remarkable beauty. Among them, 'Lotus in a Breeze'.

Inspired by the painting, storyteller & founder-director of ACT 3 Theatrics, R Chandran will unravel the heart-warming Indonesian tale The Princess and the Lotus and lead in the crafting of personalised paper flower blooms. 


When : 8 - 9 June 2019 , 2:30 PM - 4:15 PM 
Where : City Hall Wing, Level B1, Keppel Centre for Art Education

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Specialist Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology

Who : Educators & Social Service Professionals
What : Post-Diploma Certificate in Drama & Developmental Psychology 
When : Starting June 2019
Where : Singapore Polytechnic

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'Elements of Drama' module taught by ACT 3 Theatrics


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