Going on a Picnic Digital Program


10-Session Program for Children from K1 to P1

In this course, there will be fun Drama Activities, Speech Exercises, Imaginative Play-Acting and Problem Solving  throughout the sessions to help develop a young child’s awareness of their body, simple motor and coordination skills, articulation, problem solving and the value of sharing through dramatization.

Program is accessible for 3 months after purchase.


10-Session Program (Each Session will take about 1 hour to complete.)

For Children from K1 to P1

Based on the theme of ‘Going on a Picnic’, Children will be introduced to the following:

  • Physical warm-ups to create awareness of body as well as improve simple motor and coordination skills.
  • Speech exercises to create awareness of speech organs and develop better articulation.
  • Imaginative Play-Acting, with Teacher Ant and Park Ranger John!
  • Problem Solving and The Value of Sharing through Dramatization

There are also Simple, Short quizzes for children to complete together with their parents.